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Supervision for Dietitians

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Virtually on Zoom!

What We'll Cover

We will do a deep dive into the client cases you'd like to discuss, talk about what's coming up for you as a provider, and focus on supporting your client's recovery and your growth as a clinician.

What You'll Pay

For a 60-minute supervision session, the fee is whatever you charge clients for an hour of your time!

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Working on Your CEDS?

As a Certified Eating Disorders Specialist Approved Supervisor through IAEDP, our consultation hours are eligible to count toward your own certification.

Want a Sneak Peek?

If you're wondering what it's like to sit and share in consultation with Tammy, look no further. Enjoy these podcast features, where Tammy dives deep into our role as eating disorder dietitians and what it means to show up for ourselves and our clients in a shame-free way.

The Seasoned RD Podcast

with Beth Harrell

"Ask One More Question"

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RD Real Talk Podcast

with Heather Caplan

"The NEW Standards of Practice for ED Dietitians"

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During my extensive career, I have run into a multitude of fellow dietitians, but there are just a few that truly stand out to me as particularly special. Tammy Beasley is on the top of that list. Not only is she brilliant, creative, and well-skilled, but she is one of the most compassionate and caring humans that I know. She has a vast amount of experience—not only in the counseling world, but as a speaker, administrator, spokeswoman, and colleague. 

Elyse Resch

It has been one of the highlights of my career to work with Tammy and see her passion, expertise, and compassion in everything she does. As a psychiatrist that specializes in the treatment of eating disorders, Tammy is my go to on all things nutrition to make sure I am supporting my patients in the way that they need. Additionally, I know I can call Tammy friend and if I needed anything she would be there to offer her support!

Dr. Brad Zehring, DO

So grateful my path crossed with Tammy's on the Certification Committee many years ago. She has been and continues to be a mentor, a supervisor and a colleague who helped me validate the solid work I was doing in the midwest. Her drive for excellence is high and the exponential increase in professionals who became certified (CEDS) during her tenure was due to her unwavering passion for this field.

Beth Harrell